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Friday, November 30, 2007

FO- Baby Crossover Jacket!

We interrupt the uncomfortable silence on this blog with a knitting update....(yes she really does still knit sometimes).
Debbie Bliss Baby Crossover Jacket
Source: Debbie Bliss Simply Baby
Yarn: Lionbrand Cotton-Ease in blue and yellow-green
Needles: Size 8 Addi Turbos
Started: November 20, 2007
Finished- November 26, 2007
Recipient: Andrew, my friend's soon-to-be-hatched kidling
Yes, my friend is having her first kidling. He is due in January and we are all really excited. (If you remember the Sheepie Blanket a little earlier this Fall....also the recipient).

Like I said a few posts ago, I was a wee bit leery about a luxury yarn for something that will be puked, pooped, drooled, and peed on so we went with practical. She is allergic to wool, acrylic, and would shrink this puppy to fit a Ken doll because well, she is just not a "hand wash only" kind of gal. I get that. So you see I am rather limited here. She is wanted to use hand knits for their purpose and be well-loved like a Linus Blanket drug around, tattered and deeply loved. I like that idea very much because that is the intent. Lionbrand Cotton-Ease will do. In fact, I must say this has got to be the most practical yarn for a baby abet the Fun Fur. I would not consider myself a yarn snob with baby's in mind because my friend is practical and not delusional wanting say a cashmere baby blanket.
Disclaimer: Opinionated yarn comment about to come out of my mouth. Close your eyes if you don't want to read.
Fun Fur. I possess a major aversion to the stuff. I just don't get it. It looks like multi-colored cat yak and I can't figure out why people go ape shit for the stuff. Ahem. Ok, boy I do feel better now having gotten that off my chest. My family thinks my aversion for Fun Fur is rather humorous. I suppose at least I can entertain.
Oh and I scored me some of these. Aren't these just darling?
Ok I'm off to get my Saarjte booties done before next Friday when I leave for the shower. Wrap bought items and then I'm off to Iowa.


At 10:14 AM, Blogger R a i n said...

That's the cutest little jacket hee hee. I love the label too!

Thanks for the comment =D I'm so glad of the wonderful comments and support I'm getting! I really appreciate it! And like you I certainly believe it was for a good reason=D

Here's to hoping Mr. Right comes along soon enough.

At 10:44 AM, Blogger Bobbi said...

That is so cute! You're the best friend!

Where did you get those fancy labels?

At 11:49 AM, Blogger Alotta.knittin said...

This jacket is SO cute!


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