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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Did you ever just feel like a hamster in a wheel...

...And you're going and going and going with no purpose or end but you just keep going for fear if you stop dead you'll flip yourself right on you back?
I felt like that this past week on the work front. Admittedly, I went back on a promise to myself to not go back on the computer and work at nights. My own personal guilt trip for that by far outweighs what can be provided by any other. I tried to take back the knit last night and in a flurry of moving needles and rolling balls of wool, I *finally* finished the fronts to my urban aran cardigan and attempted a decent color picture with Mr. Lightbrite (my light box). Next up sleeve island.

For some reason I find it so difficult to maintain any sort of restraint for starting another project anymore. I never thought of myself as having a quasi-ADHD personality, but with knitting and the added stresses of work, I've seemed to develop one. I love the Urban, but I started getting bored. I think this is why I always have to have at least two projects going because, although monogamous in personality, when it comes to my knitting projects....not so much. Sometimes that annoys me about myself because I could finish things quicker and other times I just accept it for what it is. I suppose this week, I found it hard to want to work on it. I was just dying to start something else but maintained self-guilted restraint.

I'm also beginning to fear some sizing issues. I'm going to go block the hell out of it tonight and see what happens. I doing feel like frogging it back so I might just knit some ribbed inserts for the side seams and do some invisible seams. (Side note- Blogger's spellchecker malfunction this week is really, really getting on my nerves).

Something I never blogged about was a sale at the LYS a few weeks ago. 30% off might I add. Instead of the Chunky Al that I original bought for the Citrus Yoke Pullover and then traded, I will be using this Catalina Chunky. This was more the color I had in mind so I purchased 10 skeins of it. I am trying to knit from my stash, but this stuff is really nice and a pretty penny to boot. I really need to seek professional help for the alpaca addiction.

I also became the Raveler Swap-o-Matic in the last 3 weeks. I swapped some bright pinkish-orange Indiecita Alpaca for this color, a light tan. This color will work perfectly for a sweater I have in mind with my other rich brown colors of this yarn.

Well I'm going to see if I can salvage what's left of my knitting mojo and start working on my sleeves for the Urban. Roland is not feeling well today so maybe he shared the wealth and I'm getting sick again. You know that general blah, can't be motivated for anything feeling? Then again, maybe sucking in too much dust from refinishing the kitchen cabinets could be to blame for that too.

S0 if you'll excuse me...back onto my hamster wheel. I've got some sleeves to make.


At 10:47 PM, Blogger Bea said...

If you come live in Texas you get over that Alpaca addiction pretty quickly. It isn't good for sweaters here. Chunky yarn isn't either for that matter.

At 8:58 AM, Blogger The Kelly Green Rogue said...

LOL! as I read this I'm pedaling on my little bike!

Only two projects at once? I'm impressed! For a knitter that's pretty monogamous!

At 11:05 AM, Blogger Robin said...

I absolutely love that Catalina alpaca -the color is gorgeous!! And yeah, two projects at a time - um, no biggie! Have you looked at my WIP list lately? (LOL)


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