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Thursday, June 05, 2008

I went to the darkside....they had cookies

Scrumptious wool/silk, handpainted laceweight cookies. I am about to explore uncharted territories here at Chez Knitballs. In a moment of weakness and oogling at all the pretty lace yarn on Ravelry, I succombed to the curious power of the Mystery Shawl. I joined Goddness Knits Mystery Shawl group on Ravelry and yahoo. This design is in honor of Goddess Knits's 3rd Anniversay! (yeah! waves wildly at Goddess Knits). This round is a pi shawl construction. The inspiration comes from Mandelas and we get to choose from a bunch of clue charts each week when the clues are loaded.
This will be my first major lace project. I've knit lace panels in sweaters and such, but never a full lace shawl. This should be a new experience for me on tiny, wittle needles. For my project, I've chosen Schaefer Yarn Company Trenna in a purple, pink, gold, and green colorway. The yardage is a generous 1250 yards which is enough for my entire project! I purchased it from, who are the exclusive distributors of Trenna. The colors! *swoons* I've got my eye on the Ingrid Bergman and Wendy colorways also. Another surprise this week is the resurrection of a project in knitter's purgatory since last year, the Bed Jacket from Knitting Lingerie Style. In a burst of stitching vigor post Green Gable, I went to town finishing up the 9 pieces that constructs this thing. Yes, I said 9. That would be the back, two fronts, two sleeves, top band, lower band, and 2 sleeve cuffs. This is also not one of those sweaters where you sew up some seams, pop your sleeves in and your done. This lovely little sweater is much more work than you would think on first glance. There is a picot edge around the entire edge and sleeve cuffs and some embroidering at the band joins to the body. I think it will be worth it. I'm so close to finishing and it would be great to get this one off the WIP list. Wish me luck. It's going to be a finishing party weekend on this one.
And sadly, I have no restraint and cast on for Wallis with my Debbie Bliss Cathay lingering in the stash forever. I didn't get too far since I have renewed interest in finishing the bed jacket. I just might have a FO to show for that by next week I hope and before the mystery shawl begins.
TTFN. I have a week's worth of finishing to do now.


At 7:07 PM, Blogger sue said...

The bed jacket looks great so far. Picot edging isnt too hard, just a bit time consuming. Like the lace yarn too, very pretty.


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