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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Tom Jones Effect and NJ Fiber Festivals- Weekend Picture-Heavy Wrap-Up

Wow, still crazy busy over here at Chez Knitballs. I had a packed weekend and then just got home from a business trip tonight. Phew! Anyway, let's get to the details, shall we?

My Mom LOVES Patrizio Buanne, a young Italian crooner from Naples, Italy, who's style is reminiscent of the Sinatra, Dean Martin, big band and swing era. Certainly, as any Italian who's family elders grew up in the 40s, I was raised knowing the words to the Italian songs. Attend a few Italian weddings and tell me you don't hear Volare and An Evening in Roma. One of my favorite Christmas songs is "Dominic, the Italian Christmas Donkey" by Lou Monte. Yep, I drug that one from the vault, didn't I?

So anyhooo, I drove my parents to Atlantic City back in April for a show, from which now on in the is post will be A.C. as us Jerseyans refer to it. They loved it. I, however, sat agape most of the show in observing the severe Tom Jones Effect that had overcome the female audience members. I watched in horror waiting for the bras to get launched onto the stage. LOL. Patrizio is really good, don't get me wrong, but the people-watchin' is wildly entertaining.

My mom had checked his MySpace page a few months ago and saw that he added an A.C. show for this weekend, for which we promptly ordered tickets and I prepared to chauffeur "the rents". So I went to the NJ Fiber Festival in the morning to help Jessica set up and then went home to pick the parents up by 11AM and headed off to the shore. Ironically, on the way down, I recognized the person behind me in stopped traffic on the Garden State Parkway as my godmother. So I ran her cell phone and stated, "So do you always make it a habit to follow your god-daughter to Atlantic City?" She then realized it was me and the 4 of us had a full-on conversation in accident-haulted traffic.

We ate lunch over at the Hard Rock Cafe in the Taj Mahal once we arrived. Another dose of irony, is that I sat in disbelief as my mom proceeding to repeat the storyline of the Guns n Roses "November Rain" video that had just popped up onto the screen and commented that this was the song I used to play on piano. Wow. Impressive there, mommers.

Oh and mom is also part of this Buanne Babes club for Patrizio and my dad had this um...well 'very colorful' T-shirt made up for her that says, "I love my Patrizio." The paint splatters...well um I just don't' know what dad was thinking, but it's the thought that counts right, even the thought occurred oh say circa 1985? *shakes head* LOL.

Le Pole Cat.

So while I am at it, I guess I should provide proof of the Tom Jones Effect. Exhibit A proves he is, in fact, quite easy on the eyes. BTW, his eyes are the color of that ocean shot above.

Happy Pre-Birthday Mom. I hope you enjoyed the show.

Now...grab your coffee and spinning. On to the good stuff... NJ Sheep and Wool!

So on Sunday, after 3 hours sleep, I drug my sorry butt back out of bed to prepare for what would be a super fun day full of good friends, laughs, baaaaaaaaaaaa sheeeeep, and lots of fiber.

Sairy is representin'. Where my stitches at, yo? Here we have Cheeky Redhead, Christine and Sairy hamming it up for the camera. People, it was a quad-shot espresso day so the silliness began pretty early on. And Susan, was literally a walking billboard for Jessica's fiber. She can drop spindle like mad. People were fascinated watching her. She truly can "sell fiber to the devil" as was stated throughout the day.
Here is Jessica, ready for Day 2 of the fiber festival!
Ok, now bring out the tissues for the drool. This is only half of the wall she had. Look at the colorways. Are they not gorgeous? I bought some for myself too, fo shizzle.

"stoner sheep" as I refer to them.

This guy was like a fluffy teddy bear.

Don't let this angelic phase fool you. This is a ferocious sock-eating wee beastie, the infamous "Ozzy", my parent's dog.

Yoga dog demonstrating "downward-facing dog"

Eye See Ewe! I love me some Alpaca.

We had so much fun. Look out Rhinebeck!
Oh and as of this time tomorrow, I will be sipping a mojito in Puerto Rico........finally.

Knitballs OUT!


At 11:22 AM, Blogger Kim said...

When my son was 3 we lived in Queens and his pre-school Christmas pageant did the Christmas donkey song. I love that song. Your Mom's shirt is awesome. It's like she blasted her way through the crowd to get to Patrizio and her shirt is spattered with blood & gore. Eeew. I'm gross. I still love that shirt. I was all about splatter paint shirts in the 80s.
Enjoy PR!

At 3:25 PM, Blogger Jessica said...

Dude I *love* Dominic the Donkey!!! :-D Thanks again so much for all your help last weekend. You guys were such a hoot to hang out with and I totally couldn't have done it without y'all! Enjoy that mojito. You more than deserve it!!

At 5:18 PM, Blogger Robin said...

Your mom sounds like ONE COOL lady! Have a great time on the trip with the mojitos! Drink one (or four) for me!

At 10:28 PM, Anonymous David Angelo said...

I live In Asheville, N.C. and after some internet research (ha ha ha) I am officially naming my new, soon to be famous, Band.
I'm calling it "The Tom Jones Effect". I can't wait!!! That's Great!!!
p.s. When do the bras start to fly?.........

At 9:21 AM, Anonymous Sharon said...

Hey David, blogger didn't post your email so I couldn't message you back. Are you serious? I just named your band? Color me tickled. Well then, you need to let me know when you are in the NJ area. I must come out to see the band named from my blog post afterall. Let the bras fly!

I am just getting ready to start blogging again. I will be happy to have a link to your band's website if you want to get some extra traffic. Good luck!


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