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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Last FO for the year

Well I hope you all had a really nice Christmas holiday. I was knitting away on my friend's christening gown for the very soon-to-be kidling, Andrew and I've been too lazy to post honestly. I do have some fun stuff to show you and my favorite Christmas present of the knitterly variety. More to come later. For right now, I need to unload a little monkey off my back.

Behold, my longest running WIP below. The Knit2tog Doctor's bag has a handle and we are calling this done and dusted for 2007.
Pattern: Doctor's Bag by Tracy Ullman and Mel Clark
Source: Knit2Tog
Yarn: Colorado Yarns Durango in chocolate brown
Needles: Size 11 circs
Started: December 2006
Finished: December 2007
Recipient: Me
Mods: My bag is 4 stitches shorter. I did this by accident but kept going with it. I really didn't like this project. The yarns held double with the thick needles really hurt my wrists. I didn't like to work on it much so it languished around for a long time.
Overall, I am very meh on this project, but the sucker is done and I can pull it out of purgatory from my blog.
See Monday when we do the 2007 A Year in Knits Re-Cap over here at Chez Knitballs and the goals for 2008.


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