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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Is is really Sunday already?

This weekend flew by, didn't it? With all the excitement from last week and finishing the christening gown, I got a major case of startitis. First, let me explain my rationale on the stash utilization for 2008. For every new project cast on, I want to use up some of the older stash with every second project. You know, recycle a little bit. Re-evaluate the patterns I had intended them for and so on. So with that, let's move on to exhibit A shall we?
The swatch that got out of control: Recognize this one? It's the beginnings of my Urban Aran -Cardiganized. My friend, the blogless Kelley and I will be working on this one. This is a swatch that got out of control, meaning I kept knitting on it which wasn't my original intention. So I stopped working on it so Kelley can finish up the Jamesy sweater and get that off her back before she starts this one with me. We are both using Elann Peruvian Highland Chunky. The color I'm using is Harvest Heather. It's orange, but anyone that knows me well enough, knows how I dig orange, yes even with my red hair. Kelley is using a blue-grey color called Tranquil something-or-other. I can't remember the name off-hand.
And of course, with the use of new stash, comes the use of old stash. This one has been languishing in the stash forever along with the pattern. When I first started knitting about 4 years back, I saw this one in a Patternworks magazine and fell in love with the tranquil and casual look of this tunic. I am a tunic wearer. I acquired most of them on my trip to India, but also my friend's family sends them home for me. So this is part of my casual top with jeans repertoire.
The Reynolds Odyssey was a little out of my price range at the time, but I had spotted Jojoland Melody on Ebay and just fell in love with the subtle color changes like the Odyssey. So I snapped up about 2 bags of 10 balls (220 yards a piece). This is a fingering weight so I'm holding two strands together and I was spot-on for the gauge. The pattern is written by the lovely *bows in her general direction* Norah Gaughan for Reynolds Odyssey and pattern support of the yarn.
I decided this may be my Stitch n Bitch project for a little while considering I occasionally have to hold a frog-fest when I come home that night. Apparently, I either 1.) Talk to much or 2.) Cannot multi-task. Being that I am the queen of multi-tasking at work, I'm going to have to say 1.) is most likely the case. Nice easy stockinette to avoid frogging will be my project for now. I am working on two cabled things and I really don't care to frog cables with a yarn that is a wee bit fuzzy. Nuff said. Remember my comment some time ago about frogging mohair? Yep, right up there on my fun list.
The last project has been one of those projects you work a little, put it away, pull it out, do another few rows, and so on. It's like an old friend you, run into, have lunch like three weekends in a row, and then don't see for another year.
We have hood progress here:
Oh I so love the cables. I'm using Noro Cash Iroha for Rogue. It has a thick/thin single to double ply nature and some slight variations in color which I think give it some character. Not to mention, this yarn is super soft.
I need to figure out how to graft the hood with the cables. This will be a new one for me and I may need to bust out the Merlot. Once that is done, I'm taking a flight to sleeve island. See you in a week or so. I'll try to remember to hug a palm tree for you while I'm there.
By the way, Andrew and mom are back from the hospital and doing just fine. I am planning a trip to Iowa for the end of January to meet my new man. I also appreciate all of the kind comments on the christening gown, both on Ravelry and on this here blog. I am humbled by your praises. This was an emotionally-driven project and I am really happy that you shared the joyous occasion with me.
I hope you have a nice rest of the weekend!


At 9:55 PM, Blogger Bea said...

All of your projects look good. I love the tunic.

At 9:57 PM, Blogger Milly said...

You do wonderful work all around, I love your cables!

At 10:59 PM, Blogger Thea said...

whoa. look at you go, girl! It's a sweaterfest.

At 10:46 AM, Blogger The Kelly Green Rogue said...

I'm glad I'm not the only redhead who loves orange! I like orange and green together a lot. I'm a weirdo I know.

hmmm, must go check out this "Rogue" sweater, seems only appropriate that i knit one.

Love that green! :

At 12:09 PM, Blogger Robin said...

As always, I love the colors that you pick for your projects! The stitch pattern on the orange swatch is beautiful, and I love the idea of a bright green Rogue! And I'm amazed at Bobbi's comment as I thought that's where her blog name came from - that she had made a Rogue!


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