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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Drive-by blogging (picture heavy post with *gasp* knitting content

Well hello! Ready for your next installment of a blog post cleverly disguised with pictures from a crazed, busy, horribly bad blogger? Alrighty then, grab yourself a cup of java and cozy up to the flat screen.
After Thanksgiving and house-hopping, I got down to making my second turkey...EVER. And that bird was tasty. Molasses-pecan glazed and fairly moist, for a turkey. While I was doing this, I had to avoid stepping on or tripping over a small fuzzy house guest for the weekend.

Meet Daisy. Prior to her grooming appoint, might I add. She is so soft and fuzzy. She was my constant shadow for 5 days and, quite frankly, I miss her little ninja-dog pitter-patter at my heels.

We were playing on my futon up in my office. She was pretty funny. I guess she's about 8 months old and is part Japanese Chin, Maltese, and possibly Yorkie. Nevertheless she's cute.

A few days after her Mommy and Daddy came to take her home after a trip back from Chicago, she came to visit fresh from the groomers. She's so freakin' cute. Her face reminds me of a Schnauzer here.

I also accomplished a little spinning that weekend too. This is a single of Clover Leaf Farms combed merino top in the "Midnight" colorway that a snapped up in Rhinebeck this year. I found it really tough to spin being a newbie until I discovered spinning from "the fold". That helped a ton! Once I get the rest all spun up, I might try navajo plying it on the wheel.

I also went to a bulldog show the Saturday after Thanksgiving to see my friend's parents who are big bulldoggers. My parents, who had spent some time with them on the cruise through the Mediterranean last summer, came with me and we watched some of the judging. After that we met up with Sairy for lunch, who was home visiting her parents for the holiday weekend and hit a craft show at her former high school. We both scored several balls of Border Leicester fiber. I bought some balls in this lovely natural chocolate color and in an oatmeal color. My hope is to try out some colorwork with my handspun.
The spinning was set aside and used as a reward for milestone accomplishments on this beastie. This is my MIL's sweater coat. That's all you get though. (No more peaking for you, Mom. You'll see it on Christmas). The rest of you can check out the progress on my Ravelry page (HolyKnitballs). Otherwise, the unveiling won't happen until Christmas.

I did squeeze in a little cowl knitting to break the monotony and save my poor eyeballs from the black yarn. This is the "Unpurled Cable" Cowl. I used .5 balls of Woolbearers Sirena in the "Softball" colorway. Folks, if you are looking for quick, this is your project. Bulky yarn, size 11 needles, and 1.5 hours and you have a Christmas present. Voila! Instant gratification. I also hit Purl Soho a few weekends back, again with Sairy , for an Electric Six concert with her hubby and a friend from Brooklyn. I caved when I saw this lovely Lorna's Laces Fisherman's Wool. It has a killer 500 yards. I'm planning a Clapotis for me to match my black and white pea coat. I have been gobbling up yellow like it's going out of style lately. Now I just need to knit with it. I guess the solar plexus chakra needs some work since I am so bonkers for yellow anymore, a color that I hated for the longest time. Guess your tastes do change as you get older...and for more than just brussel sprouts and beets.

This colorful skein of sock loveliness is for my SIL's "Have a Magical Day" Mickey Mouse B-day socks. This is Knitivity Merino Fingering in the "Rodentia" colorway. Get it Rodent-ia. hehehehe. Perfect for the mouse-lover in your life. At 925 yards, I think I can squeeze out a pair of sockies for a certain Mommy-in-law as well, just in time for the next trip to "The Mouse". Now just to figure out a pattern. I am very open to suggestions if anyone has any.
We rounded out last weekend with a trip to Jessica's for a Fibery Goodness Gathering and Secret Santa swap. Kristy, Sairy, and I drove up together. HHWJ (otherwise known as "the boy") was Sant's Jolly Elf and did the Secret Santa matching so Jess could play too. Guess who I got? Sairy , of course. LOL. Our limit was $10, which can be tough, but I scored the cutest thing on Etsy and it didn't come by Friday as I hoped. So I had to go to plan B and will put the other gifty (that I can't talk about here) in her Christmas present. Starbucks card anyone? Yep. The perfect gift for your caffeinated knitter. It came complete with a plastic canvas snowman card holder I got from Tammy's craft show gig, which you can read about on her blog here.

Kim was my secret santa and scored me a new mod tape measure, which I needed since Mr. Sheepie tape measure needs to be retired in a big way. I got this awesome knitted sweater key chain and vintage knitting magazines. (Thanks Kim! Awesome gifts!) Have I ever mentioned I have a vintage magazine problem? I collect them. There are some lervely socks in there. I'll have to take some photos and show you later. We were cracking up over the turban pattern. I need to remind myself to take photos to show and tell.
I also bought some lovely BFL roving from Jess's fiber shop in a "Blueberry" colorway. I will start spinning this up after Christmas for Dad's handspun birthday socks with a firm threat to keep the "little beast" away from the handknits.

Isn't this just gorgeous? BFL practically spins itself. I now love the stuff. If you haven't been to Jessica's Etsy shop, you need to run, not walk right now to Etsy and have a lookie. She is also starting a fiber club, which I also plan to join.

And so I leave you with a pick of Jessica's cat, Simba, in a rather questionable pose. I think I may have interrupted some self-cleaning going on. She kind of looks guilty, no?

Ok got to get back to knitting the behemoth sweater. Catch ya later.


At 7:15 AM, Blogger The Kelly Green Rogue said...

daisy is such a cutie!

At 12:17 PM, Blogger Kim said...

So much good stuff in this post! You have become such the master spinner! I am so so impressed. Love that yellow Lorna's Laces yarn. You know I am also hoarding the yellow yarn. So glad you like the Secret Santa gifts! You need to knit the 70s turban for Halloween.

At 3:52 AM, Blogger R a i n said...

SO cute!!!

Love the cowl btw.

At 9:00 AM, Blogger Jessica said...

Ah yes, Simba is such the lady sometimes. ;) Your visitor was such a cutie!!! And all your projects look great. Good luck with finishing the sweater! It's going to be so awesome when it's finished!

At 3:34 PM, Blogger Bea said...

WOW you have been busy. All the fibery goodness is awesome and both the dog and the cat are so cute!

At 9:41 AM, Blogger Nicola said...

I just know that cat is sayin'...

'Can't a girl get some privacy around here?'

At 11:57 PM, Blogger Mira said...

I haven't had lunch...and the turkey looks...sooo...tempting....yummmmm


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