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'Cause sometimes I even surprise the knit out of myself.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Yeah, it's been awhile.

Since the Knitting Olympics my life is thrown me into such a tailspin. It is mostly the travel for work killing me. It has been a Sunday through Friday deal. I can't catch up on simple things. Oh well.. I have some things to show on the knitting front anyway.

Misti Alpaca Purse. Free pattern from KnitPicks.

Rowan Wool Cotton hat for "the Pants". He drew me a schematic of where he wanted the stripes and all. Thanks honey, that was such a big help. Mwah! :-)

"Bless Cardigan from Rowan Cork Collection by Kim Hargreaves. Knit with Size 10 Addi Turbos in Rowan Cork "Plunge". For Mama.

Klaralund from the Noro Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton Book 2 done with Size 8 Addi Turbos. Noro Silk Garden #87.