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'Cause sometimes I even surprise the knit out of myself.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ravelympics 2008- Holy Knitballs! Defends her 2006 Gold Medal! Unbelievable!

Announcer screaming, "And she does it! OMG! One-one hundredth of a second at 3:30 AM EST on August 24, 2008. She does it! She defends her 2006 gold medal! Unbelievable! Sharon has done it for Team Obama and Team CESOB!"

Pattern: Silver Belle by Debbie Bliss
Yarn: 15 balls of Filatura Di Crosa 501
Needles: Size 8 Addis
Started: August 8, 2008
Finished: August 24, 2008
Mods: Left the color off but thinking I'm not liking it. I think maybe I will do a cable band if I still don't like it later.

Defending my 2006 Gold Medal

And now Bobicus Maximus Costas is on the floor, interviewing defending gold medalist, Sharon (aka Holy Knitballs!).

Bobicus: Sharon you have beat the odds and defending your 2006 gold medal. How did you do it?

Sharon: *out of breath from finishing* Well, Bob, I tried to maintain my focus and keep my pace conservative until the last 500 meters. Then I kicked it in and gave it all I had left.

Bobicus: Do you feel you ran a clean Sweater Sprint and Steeplechase?

Sharon: I gave 100%, but I did have a few errors where I lost time such as a miss-crossed cable and weaving in all of the ends. I could have had a better time, but I still broke my former record in this game. I also increased my degree of difficulty for this Ravelympics and chose an all-over cabled sweater.

Bobicus: Do you think you chose too hard of a project?

Sharon: No, Bob. I didn't want to choose something I could finish in 1 day. I would be cheating myself and not challenging myself for these games.

Bobicus: Well, congratulations on your consecutive gold medals. I expect we will see your face on the front of Addi Turbos packets everywhere real soon.

Sharon: Thanks Bob. *waves at cheering USA fans*

Reporter from crowd yells, "Sharon, you just won 2 gold medals at these games. What are you going to do now?"

Sharon: *yells*. I'm going to RHINEBECK!!! (what? you'd thought I'd say Disneyland?)

*Crowd goes nuts*

Whoot! It's done! I defended my gold medal!

3:30 AM, but it was finished. I will post the official modelled shots later this afternoon. I'm running out the door for a baby shower. Stay tuned!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ravelympic Progress

No time to blog. Must.keep.knitting. Work took a chunk of my "free" after hours time this week so I am slightly behind where I wanted to be......back to the knitting.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ode to the ArmRest Hog

This is not an affectionate "ode" by no means, if you thought it would be. See, here's the thing. I used to be a road warrior for my job. I bounced from city to city monitoring clinical trials for a good 5 years of my life. I have war stories like you would not believe. I once had the Pacific Tsunami warning system, a missed flight from Seattle, a search just shy of an anal probe, lighting striking my plane, 6AM fire alarms while in the hotel room shower, being re-ended in the rental car on an exit ramp in MN, getting lost in Minneapolis..again, and a staff member dying at a site in Canada, thus, cancelling the next visit....all in one trip....and that was only up to Wednesday. My colleagues, still say I have everyone beat on the worst itinerary of all time and funniest, although there were tears and the constant update of my resume on this trip.
The traveling, although I liked it, got old quickly. Now I am in management, so my travel is limited to mostly bid defenses and such. I will say that being propelled back into travel mode for a critical project for the last two weeks and the next two weeks, has had me reevaluate my travel pet peeves, and notably, they haven't changed. Warning: business traveler snarkfest ahead.
Let me sum up the things that push my travel buttons in a few short bullet points, ok?

  1. The moving walkway is not a carnival ride, people. Stand right, walk left, or I will mow you down with my matched luggage. I take no prisoners so I suggest you step aside.
  2. There's lightning. We aren't taking off. DUH! It's for your own safety and the people on the ground that stand next to large metal tubes all day. I think there is a chance of them getting struck and resembling frizzled onions afterward. The universe does not revolve around you and your golf game, business meeting, or vacation. Shut your mouth, play with your Blackberry, wear your headphones, but shut the hell up. One more complaint and I'll shove the SkyMall magazine in your piehole and you can tell me how redemption tastes.
  3. For the love of God, no one wants to smell your smelly dress-socked feet that have been sweating all day in your Huarache's. We can't wear perfume on the plane so we shouldn't smell your feet either, especially when the air conditioning isn't working. My God have mercy on my soul if you so as think to put your feet up on the back of my chair near my arm or head. I hate feet, especially other people's feet within minuscule inches away from me.
  4. The "general public" should have to pass a written exam before attempting to navigate the airport. You can set a watch to how fast I can methodically manage getting through security. By the time you've even walked into the line, I've walked up with my jacket off, laptop in my arms, baggie of liquids in my hands, and shoes ready to be slipped off. By the time, I get through, you've tried to walk through the metal detector three times because you belt was still on, change in your pockets, and laptop not out of it's case. How long have we known to do this? Do you ever watch the news? Business people hate you. Go home and stay there. It's safer for you since you could get mowed down by a deranged business woman and her matched luggage.
  5. And the grand-daddy of all peeves...the armrest hog.

How I despise a person not aware of their spacial surroundings. On rare occasion for a last minute flight or switch, I may end up in a middle seat. This are the days you wished you had gotten your free upgrade, but you knew the universe would not be that kind. So you manage to sit yourself between two business men, with their smelly, socked feet resting out of their huaraches, Blackberry attached to their ears, and newspapers opened well across the front of you in the dreaded middle seat. So once you've identified that your arms are crossed in front of you because of appendage spillage over the armrests next to you, the silent war begins.

Most people, myself included, do not speak up at the offender and kindly ask them to share a little space with you. Noooooo, we sit there and stew about the offending elbow...and so the silent armrest war begins.

But just think how many ways we can request a little space?

  1. The Socialite Method: I say dear fellow, would you be so kind as to offer me space on your armrest? I can just tell you're a generous chap. My what a lovely Brookes Brothers tie...oh and yes, do you have any Grey Poupon?
  2. The Vanilla Ice White Rapper method: Alright. Stop. Collaborate and listen. Get yo junk out my seat yo. Word to your mutha.
  3. The Monty Python French Taunter (ridiculous French accent) method: Go away you silly kaaaaniget (knight) or I taunt you some more. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled like elderberries. I catapult livestock at you. If you don't a move your arm, I fart in your general direction *sticks tongue out*
  4. The My Cousin Vinny Deer-a Hunting Method: Looking at armrest hog and states in a thick Jersey accent (which I do well, BTW cause I represent), "Pretend your a deer-a, your prancing along through the forest, you come across a brook, your put you little deer-a lips down to the cool wata, and BAM!, a bullet rips through your skull, your brains all over the ground in little bloody pieces. So I axe ya, do you share the armrest with the person sitting next to you or do you like your brain in little bloody pieces all over the seat pocket in front of ya? Did I also fail to mention that my family is in the concrete business?" *snaps gum and flips hair*
  5. The Jack Sparrow Pirate Sword Fight Method: *said with a cunning smile and rum-drunken swagger*, "Say mate, how about you sharin' the armrest booty with me, says I. Join me crew. Together we be the greatest scallywags of the salt, mate....burning and pillaging our weaselly black hearts out, savvy? *armrest hog doesn't budge*. Avast me hearties, barrels of rum and pleasurable company. *armrest hog turns to look, moves his arm and realizes he'd been ousted off the armrest* Armrest hog, "Hey! You cheated!". Jack, *shrug*, "Pirate, mate."

See? Not so hard, eh? Nooo, we sit there and wait for them to move slightly so we can inch our arm ever so slightly on the armrest to regain our rightful piece of property. Tell me you don't do this? Ok red-eye is kicking in...naptime.

Oh and yes, I did win the armrest war. Huzzah!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Friends, again we witnessed history tonight. I am blown away. I was knitting faster. Screaming at the TV.
And multiple victory dances of epic proportions ensued.
Tears on my side of the TV screen.
I am inspired.
Go Team USA!
Congratulations Michael Phelps for being the most decorated Olympian in history.
There were no loss of happy tears here either the other night.
And how I am doing with my Olympic foray? Sleeve one down and the right side of the yoke has been cast on. One sleeve and right yoke to go.
Sorry for the blog neglect. I have to give this all of my attention in between long hours I work.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ravelympics- Day 6 progress

I'm not dead. I'm still just plugging along over here on Silver Belle. The peplum is now finished so I am on to the sleeves and body. I had a little setback last night when I realized I had to drop down a cable that I crossed the wrong way 6 repeats down. I was none to happy about that, but it's fixed now.

Back to working and later tonight, more marathon knitting sessions. My wrists are going to be so cut by the time this is over that I could snap a man's neck with a flick of my wrist. LOL.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

USA Men's Swim Relay takes the GOLD!

Doing victory dance around room.
It upsets me when teams talk smack about each other. There is a fine line between friendly banter and smack-talk. I think it's unsportsman-like conduct. With that being said, the karma bus just visited smack-talk town and mowed down the villagers. So now the next decision is on the words that now have to be eaten...scrambled or sunny-side up? Just sayin.
Congratulations to all of the teams and athletes today. It was awesome to watch all of the events today.

Ravelympics and Olympics - Day 3 Progress

I have not posted since my Countdown video just to get myself in good standing with this sweater. I had several false starts with casting on and setting up the cables rows for 480 stitches. Yes, you heard right. 4-8-0. Doesn't sound like much fun, huh? Well, it wasn't. I was cursing for awhile and then finally starting cranking things out as the opening ceremonies were about to begin. I had cast on ceremoniously at 8AM EST on Friday, but had to run conference calls and work the rest of the day, so there was no reunion with the project until after dinner that evening.

As of 11 AM this morning, this is where I was. Currently at 4PM, I am at row 36, which I don't think is too shabby especially since I am still dealing with a ton of stitches. I am only 6 rows away from the beginning of the massive decreases so these rows will go faster. The first 14 rows, I clocked myself at 45-50 min on the RS with the cables and 30 minutes for the WS. It seems terribly slow, but we usually don't have to deal with 480 stitches all at once. My goal was to make it to 85% complete on the peplum by Sunday night and I am within my goal at the moment. This part was the most time-consuming and I knew that.

Here is a close-up of the cables, but the color is true in the picture above.
And let me just say WOW about the Opening Ceremonies. I loved Sydney's opening ceremonies, but I will tell you that this was the most mind-blowing, artistic opening ceremonies I've ever seen orchestrated. From the very beginning with the Chinese drummers, my mouth was agape, and attention captivated. In fact, I barely paid attention to the sweater in the first hour of the ceremonies. The artistry was unfathomable. The performers were amazing and performed with a precision I cannot even comprehend.

I did take some photos of the parade of nations. Go Team USA! I also love the sportsmanship. No country was boo'd. Everyone cheered for each country. All these countries being in the sandbox together at once, I could only wish it could be this way outside of the Olympic stadium as well.
Proof that there was some knitting happening here. I got emotional when I saw our flag march in, but that's how I am. I have so much respect for the athletes representing us as a nation.
Did I mention, I liked the Ralph Lauren get up? Although, it did seem warm for 95 degrees at night in Beijing.

Oh and those red gowns that the Chinese ambassadors wore announcing each country were exquisite. I want one.

The fireworks were spectacular. I wish I had time to photoshop the TV monitor sides out of it. Otherwise, it looks like I was there.

A view of where the water sports would occur. I really dig this building alot.
The thing that blew my mind the most was the torch relay. The highest and final honor going to a former Chinese olympic gymnist who was lifted by wires and proceeding to run "in air" around the entire perimeter of the top of the stadium. It was such an emotional site to see. The crowd was insane. It was awe-inspiring.

And there he is at the base of the Olympic torch about to light the wire.
And here it is as the torch touches the wires. In a rush of pyrotechnics, the flames quickly spiral around to light the flame that will burn for the next 17 days.

One World, One Dream

Last night I watched my swimming hero, Michael Phelps win the gold! He was like a rocket in the pool last night. I've been watching him since the Athens Summer Olympics. He is now 1 medal away from breaking all kinds of records and being the most decorated swimmer of all time. Good luck MIKE!

Ok done chatting. Back to knitting. Oh and if you didn't see my Ravelympics video, click or simply scroll down to my August 8th post below . Leave me a comment and tell me if you liked it. I had fun making it.

Continued best of luck to Team USA, all of the athletes competing, and, of course, my Raveletes in the Ravelympics.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Ravelympics: The Final Countdown

I created a little video for all of you in honor of the Ravelympics. I'm new to Pinnacle, and quickly realized it's a sucky program. My timing is slightly off, but you get the picture. Enjoy and good luck to the Raveletes.

Click to start the video, turn up the volume, and raise your lighters.

Oh yeah, eat my yarn fuzz.......Gooooo!!!!!

Update: If you have trouble viewing, please go here:

Leave me a comment too. I'd like to know what you thought of my little inspirational piece here.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

FO: Hippy Chic Tunic!

It's done. Finally. This was my SnB project to tote around since it was all stockinette and garter stitch, but it's been around since January so it was time to come off of the needles already. My goal was to have it done before the Ravelympics and I finished it on Monday. I was really cranking the sleeves out and seamed that baby at 1AM in the morning, because IT WAS GETTING DONE. Period.

Pattern: Hippy Chic Tunic by Norah Gaughan
(it's an older pattern for the Reynolds Odessey pattern support)
Yarn: 15 balls Jojoland Melody (held double)
Needles: Size 7 and 4 addi turbos
Started: January 10, 2008
Finished: August 4, 2008
Modifications: I modified the body to knit in the round. I also knit the sleeves in the round via magic loop (which I now love). I knit the body an inch longer and extended the garter stitch edge by a half inch. All photos courtesy of my awesome SIL.
Half-hearted smile. Not feeling so good in these pictures.

I am really please with how it turned out. It's a simple, cozy tunic that is sure to get a ton of wear in the colder months. The colors are really nice in this yarn too. The impact of the bright green and purple is very nice against the rest of the subtly plied color throughout the yarn.

Here is the close-up of the placket. It's very casual and comfy.
And I happen to love garter stitch so I liked doing the placket, cuffs and body edge to break up the stockinette. Overall, the pattern was clear and very well-written.
Winner winner chicken dinner. This will get packed for another month now until it can be worn.

Monday, August 04, 2008

I've been olympic really

I have been in ravelympic training. No really, I have. I have been setting small goals for myself in which to finish pieces of my Hippy Chic Tunic. The silence on this blog has been due to the fact I've been knitting like a girl on a mission. I wanted it off the needles before the Ravelympics. I gave myself until Thursday afternoon to finish it and I am done on Monday night. Not bad, eh? So it is now blocking an patiently awaiting a photo shoot tomorrow.
I had a good weekend filled with fiber and friends. I started the weekend off going to our favorite Indian restaurant and plugging away on my sweater. Saturday I visited Jessica for a little food and fiber, saw some familiar faces and made some new fiber friends. It was definitely a good fiber day. You may want to check out Chris's blog and Deb’s blog for more photos of food and fiber feeding frenzy in Jessica's dying room. BTW, you should check out Jessica's Etsy shop while you are there. She has some incredibly gorgeous colorways.
Later that evening I crashed on Tammy's couch and watched Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Ah for the love of pirates....especially the "maybe it's maybelline" eyeliner-wearing pirates. (PS - her poll is still up on her blog. Please pay her a visit and vote for a project. K. thx).
Sunday I went out with Sairy and "the pants" over to New Hope, PA to partake in some tappas and the best mojitos over at Havannas all while people watching on a very busy day. Did I mention the mojitos were good?
Today I got a couple of presents in the mail. Check out this little gem. "Poison" by 100purewool. I'm thinking of doing "Wicked" by the Zephyr Girls out of it. Wicked Poison, has a nice ring no? It is purple, bright pink, and black.

Speaking of pink, I picked up a little iron on transfer of a Jolly Roger in New Hope and embellished the knitting bag. I love Jolly Rogers. I'm not morbid, but I really do love things with Jolly Rogers on them even before the whole Pirates frenzy. Anyway, stay tuned for FO pictures and pre-Ravelympics event coverage. Don't move that dial.