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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Return of the knitting mojo results in pre-Rhinebeck FOs!

So I fully recognize I have been an awful blogger this year. Part of my silence has been due to my lack of crafting mojo. I never really intended this blog to just be a diatribe of my daily ramblings, but really my crafty endeavors. The mojo, well it was dormant for almost 7-8 months. You know what I mean when it's there, but it's not there? I begrudgingly got through some projects or was bitten by a lace bug, but the love really wasn't there like it was last year. I'll tell you though, after blowing out 2 sweaters in a month, I think it is safe to say that I am back to my 'ol sweater machine self. The mojo is back with a vengeance! Thanks for bearing with my silence while I "found" myself again.
First order of business, finished thingeys. My very first sweater containing my own handspun. I used the Garter Yoke Cardigan from Knit.1 as reference, but I was otherwise winging this baby. Some of you on Ravelry have probably already seen this, but I never really had a chance to talk about it. The yoke is my Pigeonroof Studios handspun corriedale in "Drift". I will probably wear this on Sunday at Rhinbeck. I did a little KAL with my friend, Sairy. She did the cardigan version with her Pigeonroof Studios in blues and grays. I want to steal it b/c I love the colors so much.

I am especially fond of this sweater for a few reasons. First I adore the colors in this handspun. It's probably my favorite colorwise to date. This was spun at the W.O.O.L. retreat on Lake George at Wiawaka.

The other special reason that I am proud of this sweater is because of this below. I won a ribbon for my spinning at Garden State Sheep Breeders! First place in the novice category!
My dear friend, Jessica, of Zarzuela's Fibers, encouraged me to enter b/c I would at least get some good feedback on what I do correctly and what I can do better. So I decided to pull a few skeins I was proud of together the night before the festival. Unbelievably, I ribboned on all four entries! I still can't believe it. From left to right below: Pigeonroof Studios corriedale won first place in Novice Category, Ramsden Farms Border Leicester won 2nd place in the Wool Plied Category, Pigeonroof Studios superwash merino laceweight won 3rd place in the Wool Plied Category, and last but not least, Zarzuelas's Fibers Merino/Silk won 2nd place in the Wool Blend Category. I received some fantastic feedback. I hope to compete again next year and hone my spinning skills.
Next up and fresh off the needles as of today: Fonn from the Lopi Book #25. Yay colorwork! I'll be wearing this one on Saturday at Rhinebeck. It's blocking and drying now so hopefully I can get some modeled photos before Rhinebeck to post. The yarn is Claudia's Handpainted in Sport weight that I've had in my stash FOREVER.
The colorwork bug strikes again. I had a KAL with my friend, Kelley although she kicked my ass on this one. She's already steeked and done. I'm about up to the armholes now. I'm a little nervous about the steeking part, but one of my new year's goals was to attempt a steek. Take a deep breath and jump in!

Lastly, but not in order of importance, we became fur-parents again. Meet Porterhouse aka Porter. He's a 17 month old English Bulldog that we adopted from a family that could no longer care for him. Trust me he IS a handful, but very lovable. He is playful, which I think can get on Cartman's nerves a bit. Cartman is our 8 yr old Bully. We still have Annie, the Doxie, as well, but she is getting older and started to lose her bladder a bit. Poor little girl.

More pics to come in preparation for Rhinebeck!