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'Cause sometimes I even surprise the knit out of myself.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Dun, dun, dun dun dun dun dun...dundunda dun dadadun da di da da dun

She gets THE GOLD!

Stay tuned for more later when Chez Knitballs interviews with Bob Costas about winning the Gold.


Monday, February 27, 2006

Pics - Finally- Somebody give the girl a medal!

Ok so, I was really upset that I forgot to pack my camara USB cord on Saturday, but what can you expect from a gal who's been up for 22 hours straight? So I finished my sweater Saturday, Feb 25th and ahead of schedule! Let me just pat myself on the back. This was quite an accommplishment for a relatively new knitter (1.5 years on and off). Of course, now I need every chance I get so I have gained experience and some speed now.

So, my inspiration was the Shawl-collared pullover from VK 05, but I ended up creating my own version of the pattern.

1. I knit it entirely in the round from the bottom up. A first for me.
2. I learned a provisional cast-on for the sleeves which I also had never attempted before.
3. I changed the placket entirely. I didn't make it as deep and did not knit it as the pattern stated. I knitted the collar in one piece by picking up stitches all the way around.

All in all, I think it turned out quite well. I used Adrienne Vittadini "Trina" in a buttery yellow collar on various sizes of US Size 8 Addi Turbos.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


Now if I can just find a USB cord for the camara. Yup. You heard right. I packed my bag yesterday and flew to Jacksonville to see some friends and forgot the cord. Thing is my friends' also do not have their cords. Can we say screwed. I hope the date stamp on my camara will suffice. I won't have one until Monday night! Arggh!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

And she's through the gates at lightening speed...

Hey this is lightening speed for moi who has knitting ADHD.
And you see here we have all the necessary supplies...pattern, fiber,
Olympic-sponsors Diet Coke, and Tylenol 8 hour pain reliever for my
future carpal tunnel.

PS- I changed the pattern to knit in the round.
I have sixteen days and seams slow me down.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Raise um up y'all

I've got sticks, fiber, pattern, diet Coke, and enough chocolate to propel me into heart palpitations. Yeah baby, yeah.

I have lost it. Truly. To try to complete a sweater in 16 days while working and traveling (for work), I must be out of my damn mind. Oh, but how fun is this? I love the commradery of knitters and fiber artists in general. This is so fun. Thanks Stephanie for starting the KOlympics. I can't wait to see everybodys' gold medals and FOs.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

This is just too damn cute. JenLa created the cutest buttons for the Knitting Olympics. I'm all about me Irish heritage and a good Guinness to ring in the festivities. http://

I am still all over the place about my pattern. I am trying really hard to use something from my stash b/c oh how I need a serious stash-busting. I need to be put on house arrest and not allowed on internet yarn sites. I'm sick. I'll post my possible choices later. I have all the yarn just can't pin down the final pattern. I've swatched for all of them. It's just a matter of what I will wear the most.