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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Retro Rewind Fridays

Thank you to everyone for your vote of confidence on the Ravelympics sweater. I promise to give you as many updates as I can when I need to give the wrists a bit of a rest. As always on this blog, there will be some goofy posts lined up.
So I suppose you took notice of today's blog title? Well, I have had such a darn good time with the 80s meme and looking back at things from my childhood and teenage years that I decided to make every Friday's post fun with a little retro tidbit. It will most likely include a song and a pop culture tidbit. By nature, I am a very nostalgic person. Most of you have seen this as I ooze over my favorite places in Ireland. LOL. I enjoyed digging up some of this stuff so much, I thought I would add a little something every week for fun. It could be from the 80s or 90s. Don't get me wrong, I adore the 70s, but I was pretty young for the later half of that decade so most of the 70s memories was really captured as I got a little older in the 80s. It's always fun to have that "I remember that!" reaction to things you haven't seen or heard in 20 years.

So how about this little retro slice?

Bring a certain movie to mind? It should. "Holiday Road" was the theme song to 1983's National Lampoon's Vacation with Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo, Randy Quaid, John Candy, Anthony Michael Hall, and a host of other movie stars of the era.It also happens to be written and performed by Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac and Buckingham Nicks fame. Truth be told, one of my favorite solo Buckingham songs of the era.
Remember these 'legs' perhaps? They are the model legs of a girl in the ZZ Top video. I think this video began the lace bobby sock with reds stilettos craze for the "trashy tramp next door" look or shall I say popular form of the word "bimbo" in the 80s, "Bimbette".

Oh and before I forget, can you help a sister out and go over for here vote in my SIL's poll? She needs some opinions on projects. There is a poll on the right hand side of her blog and, while you are at it, drop her a comment and say "allo".

Happy Friday Everyone! Enjoy the weekend. I will be on a finishing frenzy to get off sleeve island...finally.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rowan's bringing sexy back

Sexy as in 1940s sexy, when women dressed impeccably, IMO. My favorite era. Rowan has finally dropped the "Where's Waldo?", over-styled photo shoots for classy and timeless 1940s and Renaissance-inspired designs for Rowan Magazine #44, which arrived on my doorstep today, much to my surprise. I LOVE the 1940s section. Each knit pays homage to a phenomenal actress of the era.....and just so you know, I was able to name the full-name of each lovely lady without batting an eyelash because this is the era where my passion lies as much as I ooze over the 80s on this blog. I was a woman of the 40s in my past life, I know it. I love the fashion, the music, the movies, classic Hollywood, WWII.
We have knits such as (Judy) Garland, my favorite actress ever, Greta Garbo, Lauren Bacall, Rita Hayworth, Dorothy Lamarr, Ingrid Bergman, Marlene Dietrich, and Barbara Stanwick to name a few. The purple, bat-winged, cropped sweater above is "Garland" The one below here is "Lamarr".
This one here is "Bacall" which is another that caught my eye. I love the simplicity and classy styling.
This one below is "Raphael" from the Renaissance section. I don't know that I would do the embroidery, but I like the idea of the empire waist shaping.
Another notable feature? Gone are the days of the emaciated, saggy-boobed (and bra-less) twig models. Some models are a little more average-sized which I am more compatible with as far as an idea for fit of a finished garment. I have nothing against thin nickname was "beaner" or "stringbean" when I was 20. I haven't heard anyone say that to me in years, for valid no longer applies. My favorite Facebook flair button is "I don't skinny dip, I chunky dunk", but I digress. In other news, I finished 1 sleeve for the Hippy Chic Tunic. 1 more to go and we have that one off the books! I also let a little swatch of Takhi Cotton Classic in stash get a bit out of hand a few weeks ago and it became part of the Lace and Cables sweater from Summer Vogue 2008. Like I need another WIP. *hangs head in shame*.
The other reason for my guilt? I joined the Ravelympics 2008. It coincides with the Bejing Summer Olympic Games. This is not the Yarn Harlot's Knitting Olympics--that one is only associated with the Winter Olympics so that one will come in 2010. I did successfully complete a sweater for the 2006 games and won me a gold metal.

This is my gold medal sweater from 2006. It was a simple, stockinette seamless pullover with a front placket. Being I was only knitting for since Nov 2004, completing a wearable sweater in 16 days was a challenge. I won't lie and say my wrists didn't kill me when it was over, but knitting injury or not, I got my medal. I am extremely competitive with myself and my unrealistic goals.

Here is where I become certifiably insane. My "challenge" for this year is "Silver Belle" by Debbie Bliss from the cover of Vogues 25th Anniversary edition. I wanted to knit this the very second I saw it, but I also envisioned my version with 3 buttons and longer. I would also change the collar. I am not alone in my thoughts because most of the mods I've seen are Ravelry are just that. I purchased some Filatura 501 last year for the sweater so it has been in stash waiting for it's time in the limelight and, hopefully, on the medal stand. Have a lost my mind? I wanted to do something cabled and definitely a sweater, but man I bit off a lot here. The Olympics begin in just 9 short days. You can watch the festivities on Ravelry as well under the Ravelympics group. Wish me luck. I'll give you as many updates as I can but I will need all the knitting time I can get to finish this sucker in 17 days.

I am going to go breathe into a paper sack now.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pegged jeans are still cool. Right???

Remember those really fugly Monkey socks I said I made that resembled 80s Wigwam slouch socks? Well, just for Phyl's enjoyment, I re-enacted my pegged jeans, Wigwams, and loafers for ya'll with the said ill-fated socks. At first, Roland laughed at me and then offered to peg my jeans a little tighter for me. Apparently and thankfully, I am WAY out of practice. It frightens me, however, that he instinctively identified my pegs were too loose and began fixing them so I could be retro-stylin'. What the hell were we thinking when we pegged our jeans? The rain has stopped...the land is dry....why you wear your pants so high? (one of my friends used to say that).

Hello. I am a handknitted Koigu Wigwam. I am so rad.

My ill-fated Monkeys are a result of some sort of operator error and one of 2 reasons I left sockdom for the last year. Terrible, I know. You also only get one sock because it's mate was already frogged last year in a fit of rage. This one too will meet its demise in the pond of yarny death.

Check my gnarley pegs. Aren't they like sooooo far out?

Thank goodness I have returned to fitted sockdom. I hated when my pegged Jordache jeans would come undone at the most in opportune moments or when you sat down.

I decided to go a little old school on you today since we are fresh off the tails of the 80s meme. Remember this one? My favorite song by Dead or Alive. I thought Pete Burns was hot then. Is that so wrong? I must say though, he doesn't make the best- looking woman these days.

Speaking of men in make-up during the 80-90s, I also thought David Bowie was hotter than hell in "Labyrinth" (1986) as Jareth, the Goblin King. This is one of my favorite movies of all-time in the 80's era along with "The Dark Crystal". I remember seeing this for the first time at a friend's slumber party and I thought there was something wildly attractive about his get-up in the movie. Was Jareth falling in love with Sarah? I guess I never understood that. Part of me was like, "to hell with the baby, marry the goblin king. He's freakin' globlin-king, rocker hot." It's amazing to see a very young Jennifer Connelly play Sarah.

I don't know why I have such a men in make-up theme going on around here. I think Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow is the bees knees and I ain't lyin'. So I guess not much has changed even in the new millenium. (Note: My husband would not be caught dead in eyeliner so it appears this is only a rocker/actor thing for me).

Did you like my clever distraction from knitting content? That's 'cause I got nothing for ya people. Sleeve island is boring so maybe I will have a finished Hippy Chic Tunic by the end of the week....lofty ambitions....I have them.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

80's Meme - 80's Hair Friday!

Robin and I have been chatting about the 80s along with some of my other friends. The 80s references have been making it into a lot of discussion lately so we came up with a meme. Here we go, dude.HINT: TURN YOUR VOLUME AND CLICK HERERock Me Amadeus - Falco

Peg your Z.Cavarrici's, clutch that industrial size can of Aqua Net, and raise that lighter to the tune of a power ballad. Gnarley! We are going 80s today, people! Show us your 80s hair!

Here are the rules:
1.Expand on the questions as much as you can. It makes it more fun for the rest of us.

2.Show us your hair, whether it be preppy or skyscraper bangs. Post some photos and make it fun. We promise not to laugh, we have them too!

3. If you get the meme from a blog, leave a comment on that person's blog so they can see your responses.

4. Post links to any videos or music from or to your blog that help you and your readers to relive the 80s.

5. Party like it's 1999.

We are so stoked to see your responses.

Post your 80s hair here!

Giant dork with her colorguard flag for grammar school below. I can still flip a colorguard rifle like nobody's business. One day, I'm hoping that talent will be useful or something. And here we are for the spring social. Yes, this was my first kind-of-sort-of boyfriend....not according to my parents, however. Ahem. I was 13 and welllllll-developed here. What the hell was I thinking with a beaded, cocktail dress? I look like a frickin' flamingo with red hair. *clears throat* yes, his head is spray-painted out on purpose. *snort* Oh for the love of all thing holy......the picture with braces. I realize this is not a clear picture. *cough*. It's probably better that way. I wouldn't want you to cough up your breakfast or anything.

Here are the questions:
1. Preppy or Rocker: Both. Rocker when Mom wasn't looking.

2. Z Cavarricis or Guess Jeans and Espirit or Benetton?: Guess jeans and United Colors of Benetton. I would go to DEB, remember that store? I would score me something Benetton, but my Guess jeans, pegged, of course in front of mom, were purchased at Boscovs over in Oxford Valley. Yes, there actually used to be one there. When mom wasn't lookin', there were lace gloves, black jelly bracelets, flashdance sweatshirts, jeans ripped at the knees, and black cowboy boots. Not to mention the Covergirl skim coat of paint on my face.

2. Favorite Pop song of the 80s: I have a few.....ahem.
"Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats
"Walking Away From" by the Information Society
"Rock Me Amadeus" by Falco
"Beds Are Burning" by Midnight Oil
"Land of Confusion" by Genesis
"A View to a Kill" by Duran Duran (um hello loved his hair!)
"With or Without You" by U2
"Stand Back" by Stevie Nicks
"We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel
"Rosanna" by Toto
"Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey
"Wild, Wild West" and "I'll Be There" both by The Escape Club
"Tom's Diner" Suzanne Vega
"Doctor Doctor" by the Thompson Twins
"Holiday Road" by Lindsay Buckingham
"Free Fallin'" by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

3. Most Annoying Pop song of the 80s
"Mickey" by Toni Basil
"Naughty Girls" by Samantha Foxx
"Party All the Time" by Eddie Murphy (my girl wants to partay all the tayme, partay all the tayme)....Dude stick to acting ok.
"Right Stuff" by New Kids on the Block ( I was so drug kicking and screaming that that concert. Believe me. I didn't own a record nor did I have the Jordan Knight dudee braid).
"She Drives Me Crazy" by the Fine Young Cannibals (that's what it did, it drove me crazy)
"Blame It on the Rain" by Milli Vanilli (....or was it? Ok I hate the folks that actually sang the song).

4. Hair Metal or Heavy Metal- Who was your favorite performer and favorite song?
A little bit of both, but I lean more towards Hair. Mark Slaughter was my major crush so since they formed in 1988. Before that, I took notice of them in the Vinnie Vincent Invasion. Since Stick It To Ya was released in 91, I will say that my favorite metal song of the 80s was probably Fallen Angel by Poison. I love pretty much all of the hair bands that began in the 80s. I would say I didn't start listening to things a little heavier from that era until I met my now husband. (strict parents to which rock music sounded satanic. smell what I'm cookin'?)
Taken in 1998 reliving my 80s dream y'all. The top pick my SIL took of Marc Slaughter and the bottom pic is me with Blando.

ooooh rock of love. harrrrr.

5. What posters were on your bedroom wall or college dorm room?
River Phoenix, the Monkees, the Brat Pack, Tom Cruise a la Top Gun ( he wasn't nuts then), Poison, Warrant, Nelson, Motley Crew, Judd Nelson, John Cusack (still love him) 6. What concerts do you remember most from the 80s?
Don't laugh..... Tiffany and NKOTB. I hated every stinking minute of that concert too.The "rents" wouldn't let me go to rock concerts much. I did see the Damn Yankees in 89 though. I went with a friend's family to see Alabama, who I always liked.

7. Favorite 80s movies
The Christmas Story, Goonies, Breakfast Club, One Crazy Summer, National Lampoon's Summer Vacation, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Spaceballs, Funny Farm, Three Amigos, The Great Outdoors, History of the World Part I, Blazing Saddles, Police Academy 1-4, Disorderlies, Top Gun, Ferris Beuller, The Burbs, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, Naked Gun, Airplane, The Lost Boys, License to Drive, Big, Stand by Me, Dream a Little Dream, E.T., The Jerk, Moving, The Jerk, Oh God You Devil, Ruthless People, Say Anything, Major League, Cannibal Run, Mannequin, Labryinth, Ghostbusters, Weird Science, Rain Man, La Bamba, Amadeus, Disney's Robinhood, Pretty in Pink, St. Elmos Fire, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure , Revenge of the Nerds

8. Favorite 80s movie quotes
"It's good to be the king"---King Louis from History of the World Part I

"Rocky Rooooad" ---Sloth from Goonies

"That cat had nine lives and he just spent all of them"---Eddie from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

"Merry Christmas. The shitter was full." ---Eddie from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

"Nothing could draw me away from the soft glow of electric sex in the window"---Ralph from The Christmas Story

"Can you describe the ruckus sir?" The Breakfast Club

"Yogurt, I hate yogurt. Even with strawberries"---Lord Helmet from Spaceballs

" What are you? BARF. Not in here mister, this is a Mercedes" - Spaceballs

"Hey you guuuuuys!" Sloth from Goonies

"Why don't you go find yourself a spin cycle!" --- Great Outdoors

"Where do you think you're going? Nobody's leaving. Nobody's walking out on this fun, old-fashioned family Christmas. No, no. We're all in this together. This is a full-blown, four-alarm holiday emergency here. We're gonna press on, and we're gonna have the hap, hap, happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap-danced with Danny f*cking Kaye. And when Santa squeezes his fat white ass down that chimney tonight, he's gonna find the jolliest bunch of *ssholes this side of the nuthouse. " - Clarke W. Griswald, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

"You killed Ted! You medieval dickweed!" - Bill, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

Evil Duke: "Put them in the iron maiden."
Ted: Iron Maiden?
Bill, Ted: Excellent! [air guitar]
Evil Duke: Execute them.
Bill, Ted: Bogus! ---------------Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

"How's it going, royal ugly dudes" -- Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

9. Top 3 most memorable pop culture moments of the 80s for you.
Live AID
Challenger Disaster
Cabbage Patch Doll mania

10. Favorite 80s cartoon
JEM (Jem is truly outrageous, truly truly truly outrageous. JEM is my name no one else is the same...JEM is my name).

This was closely following by Josie and Pussycats, He-Man (by the power of GrayScull), the Smurfs, Fraggle Rock, and GI-Joe. I am also a big Looney Toones Fan. My favorite character was the baby vulture "Killer" from the Bugs Bunny cartoon.

11. Favorite 80s commercials
Life Alert "I've Fallen and I can't get up" (Oh c'mon I don't want to hear it. You laughed at it too. Horrible, horrible acting).

Wendy's "Where's the Beef?"

12. Boy George or Wham?
Boy George. ( I didn't think he was at all weird then. :-) In the church of the poison mind, in the church of the poison mind....)

13. Favorite one-hit wonder
"Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats

14. INXS or Depeche Mode
INXS...dun dun dun dunnn dunn dun I've got to let you know..I've got to let you know.....You're my kind....oh

15. Poison or Warrant
Poison....I'm a Bret girl

16. Did you ever meet a rocker or 80's pop icon? Where were you?
Slaughter, Warrant, Great White, Firehouse, Weird Al Yankovic, Dr. Ruth ( I slammed into her in the lobby of the Waldorff Astoria with her manly boyfriend. I think she came up to my waist).

Here's a blast from your past. I met Thom Bray from "Riptide" Remember that show????

17. Snap bracelets or Jelly bracelets?
Jelly Bracelets and they would match my Wigwams (multi-colored socks we would buy from Trenton Joes)

18. Fess up. Who had the garden weasel bangs? Did you ever measure your wall o' Aqua Net love?
Sadly, the Aqua Net was rationed between my mom and myself. My bangs weren't allowed too high although folks got a way with it in Catholic school. We had those horrible plaid jumpers, oxford shirts, knee socks, and super-baggy V-neck cardigans. We kind of all dressed like Neve Campbell did in "The Craft". I remember my Mom would smash my bangs down before I got out of the car when she dropped me off at school. That was cold man, especially after all that time with the crimping and curling iron in the morning. Bogus.

19. Favorite 80s sitcoms
Benny Hill (cause my dad let me sneak out of bed and watch it)
Growing Pains

Mr. Belvidere

Family Ties

20. Is Jon Bon Jovi still hot or what?
Hellz yeah. Jersey in the hizouse!

21. "Double Dare" or "You Can't Do That on Television"
Double Dare. Who would have thought would now watch Marc Summers on Food Network

22. Who was your favorite Brat Packer?
Judd Nelson, totally dude. Breakfast Club. hhhhhhhhot!

23. Jellies or Reebok Pumps
Jellies, totally dude. Along with my Madonna lace glove and flashdance off-the-shoulder sweatshirt.

24. Favorite pizza parlor arcade game
Miss Pac-Man

25. Deep South "Good 'ol Boys" or "L.A. underground vigilantes wanted for a crime they didn't commit"
Well, I loved the Dukes of Hazard. I had a soft spot for sappy 'ol Ennis always getting his heart broken by Daisy, but I loved the A-Team.......fool.

If you are reading this consider yourself TAGGED. If you are a regular lurker, why don't you take this as a opportunity to come out and introduce yourself? I'd love to hear from you. Let me know where I can reach you back though. Blogger has a nasty habit of giving the "no reply blogger" response.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tagged---A to Z meme

A to Z Meme
Kim tagged me with this A to Z meme. It's pretty self-explanatory. I am now tagging Tammy!

ACCENT: I hide my accent most of the time although it does come out when someone cuts me off on the Turnpike. It always cracked me up how people I would visit for work in the south thought that if I was from Jersey I would sound like Joe Pesci in My Cousin Vinny. Or I guess maybe more like Marissa Tomei. Imagine yawr a deerya and you put yawr little deerya lips dawn to the cawl wawter and then BAM!.........yeah. I don't wear the loud spandex catsuits though. I will say I get made fun of for sauce = which I pronounce "sawce", orange = arrange, and coffee= cawfee. (you must watch. I never get tired of it).
BREAKFAST OR NO BREAKFAST: I used to never have breakfast, but I changed. Must have been the whole traveling for a living thing. So my breakfast now consists of Special K Chocolatey Delight and my Diet Coke for the day.

CHORE I DON'T CARE FOR: Backyard Poop Patrol. That's Roland's job. I will clean the bathroom with a toothbrush sooner than poop patrol.

DOG OR CAT: Dogs, Cartman, the smelly English Bulldog and Annie, the Doxie (aka T-Rex).

ESSENTIAL ELECTRONICS: "Crackberry" (the new toy), laptop, cell phone and camera

FAVORITE COLOGNE: Lavender Essential Oil, but I mostly where scented body lotions. My new favorite is Sephora's Pink Grapefruit. I smell tasty. YUM. I really hate when people marinate themselves and then get on a plane. WTF? Just sayin'.
GOLD OR SILVER: Silver. I'm too pale for gold. I get a lot of Indian gold as presents from my friends in India, but it looks weird on me. It is really beautiful though.

HANDBAG I CARRY MOST OFTEN: Sadly, I am a Coach whore. I don't have many, but I love the color combos. I have a patchwork bag with browns, pinks and aqua.

INSOMNIA: Absolutely. I get some of my work and knitting done that way. It takes a lot of Rum or Guinness to get me sleepy, although I have a cocktail maybe once a week after SnB, if that.

JOB TITLE: Clinical Project Leader (high paid baby sitter). Naw just kidding. Or am I? *insert evil grin*

KIDS: Negatory Ghostrider, the pattern is full....errr the shop is closed. I have two 4-legged and furry kids, a bullie and a doxie.

LIVING ARRANGEMENTS: A tiny "house-let in NJ for going on 8 years. It's a two story colonial with a big backyard. Just redid the kitchen so I'm sure the bedroom will be next.

MOST ADMIRABLE TRAIT: Hmm I don't know. Snark? Humor? Actually, I am a very open-minded person, IMO. I'd like to think that other folks think of me that way too. I love experiencing cultures by listening to their music, eating their food, learning their language and customs, respecting their religion, and textiles. I really think it's just another way to promote tolerance and understanding of one another, not to mention enlightenment.

NAUGHTIEST CHILDHOOD BEHAVIOR: Developing an early talent for gratuitous snark. My folks were not happy about that when I was 15, but now they think I'm funny as hell. Amazing how that happens once we bridge over to adulthood. Just for entertainments sake, my husband was the kid you never wanted in your neighborhood. Did you ever have your mailbox blown up or have your Christmas lights cut on your house? How about pulling the lights off of your house and running down the street? I am afraid to procreate. That gene could be passed down.

OVERNIGHT HOSPITAL STAY: Never. I am very lucky indeed.

PHOBIAS: Lightning. It's 10 shades of hell out there right now as I type and it's amazing I'm actually sitting here. This proves I have come a long way baby. I used to fly to Tampa all the time and end up frozen in time somewhere because I couldn't get to my car or out of a building. I freeze and can't move if I have to be out in the open like the lightning is going to hunt me down and get me.

QUOTE: “"Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely, in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "Holy sh**, what a ride!" --Mavis Leyrer age 83. I also like any quote by Hunter S. Thompson, American Author and king of gratuitous snark. I bow in the general direction of his grave. It was a sad day in snarkdom when we lost him to this world.

REASON TO SMILE: Puppies and kitten farts. Uh. Just kidding. So many reasons. Breathing comes to mind first.

SIBLINGS: Nope. Only child, left-handed, and a girl with strict, traditional parents. Do you feel sorry for me now?

TIME I WAKE UP: 6:45ish. I hate mornings though. 10PM begins my witching hour.

UNUSUAL SKILL OR TALENT: I have an uncanny knack for foreign languages. I can hear something once and use it years later. My most recent endeavors were Punjabi, useful during my India trip, and Gaelic, just because I wanted to. I have an uncanny ability to attract immigrant men too. Is it the hair? Who knows?

VEGETABLE I REFUSE TO EAT: OKRA!!! Bleh!!! I know it's not "supposed" to be slimy if it's cooked right but UGH! It's not a vegetable, but I hate cantaloupe with unabashed passion. Other than that, there really isn't a veggie or fruit I don't like in some capacity. I especially love my veggies.

WORST HABIT: Procrastination. Working too much.

YUMMY STUFF: Haagen Daz Pomegranate and Dark Chocolate Chip Ice cream. Batura, Indian bread that tastes like Italian pizza frit. Dove Dark Chocolate. Couscous with veggies. The Sharon and Roland Roll. Cheese, especially St. Andre, any Chev (goat), or my all-time favorite is ginger mango Stilton.
ZOO ANIMAL I LIKE MOST: Turtles and elephants, because I can't name just one.
If you read this blog, consider yourself tagged! Comment if you are going to play along so I can read your responses too!
Oh and don't forget to stop back here tomorrow or Friday morning for the unveiling of the 80s meme with
Robin. Get your 80s pictures ready!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Concerts, Trainwreckin', Angry Pirates, and 80s Hair

Grab yourself a chair and some rum. This will be a long one. This past weekend was quite interesting as you may have gathered from the post title. My weekend started off with a little rock n roll y'all. I went to the much-anticipated Shinedown concert at the Electric Factory also featuring Black Stone Cherry and Theory of a Deadman. (Check Kubus Krafts on my bloglines to the right here b/c I'm sure she'll be posting the other pictures of this weekend). I had forgotten how entertaining a good metal show was on so many levels. Music is what originally bonded my husband and my SIL, Tammy back in the day. We spent a lot of time over at what once was the Birchhill Nightclub in NJ seeing our favorite rock bands from the 80s and 90s. My SIL met her husband at one of those very shows as he was touring with an hair metal band. The rest is history.

So we left after 5PM on Friday with my Blackberry in hand, yes, the electronic leash came out for a little test run. We arrived at the Electric Factory in Philly and debated if we really wanted to stand in line to get in the door for an hours because I am starting to feel my age and not liking standing in 100 degree heat. We had a plan though. As soon as we were able to get inside, shoot up the stairs and grab three stools next to the railing. The Electric Factory is standing room only by the way, unless you are sitting at the bar, a few risers or the stools on the second floor where we planned to be for the entire show. You see, I have no desire to be on the floor anymore and caught in the whole human body pong thing. Not how I roll at all anymore.
So as usual, we are so strategic in our planning, the boy gets through his pat-down line quicker than the girls and shoots up the stairs and scores 3 stools at the 2nd level railing right by an industrial fan. That's my boy! So we settled in and let the snarkfest begin. If I were a comedian, I would have enough snarky material for the next year. It's a wonder Tammy and I are allowed out to play together. We are trouble. As the flair button she sent me on Facebook, we will be the ones causing chaos at the nursing home when we are older.
I learned a couple things since the last metal concert I had gone to was Metallica and Godsmack for Roland's birthday a little while back. Prepare for the snarkfest (the bulletpoints aren't working, sorry):

  • The mullet will never die. I witnessed several representations of it including the Farrah Fawcett mullet. No, it wasn't light, fluffy and feathered like you picture. It was on a guy in a Hawaiian shirt. It wasn't pretty. Trust me on this. Would I lie to you? (Whoop whoop this is the fashion police). The most fashionable mullet I've ever seen was on Bono. Good grief, who doesn't love that man? I know I do. Bring the mullet, sunglasses, and leather jacket....I'll bring the rum. The streets will have no name because we won't remember what they were. *snort*

  • Who ever said life is not a spectator sport is partially wrong. People-watching is a spectator sport.
  • To be a waitress in the Electric Factory, your underwear must match your outfit. How do I know this? Industrial fans, second floor, and looking in the direction at the wrong time. *shakes head* Just sayin'.
  • Watched someone do an interpretive dance of a cocoon opening up to a butterfly during Shinedown's "The Crow and the Butterfly". If the rendition was the crow eating the butterfly, that would have been much more entertaining for me, but I digress.

  • Opened cell phones have replaced the luminescent impact of lighters during the token power ballad.
  • The lead singer of Shinedown was awesome, but we couldn't help noticing he was channeling his inner Geoff Tate. Someone needs to pull the Operation Mindcrime DVDs away from him before they tour. LOL. No seriously, I adore Queensryche and Geoff Tate, but he had the whole black jeans, boots, black leather jacket, and slicked back ponytail thing going on. I was waiting for him to belt out "Operation Mindcrime".

  • IMO, 45+ women that are well-endowed should wear bras. Bra-less woman + alcohol + bouncy metal song is not a pleasant combination for the people around you. Trust me, they will pay attention to the perky 20 year olds. Pack it in and get yourself a demi or a push-up, but it ain't the bra-burning 70's anymore and I actually have closer connection with my bras in my old age. It's called gravity ladies. I would not want to see my 60 year old mom looking like a human form of pong under her shirt, drink in hand, and everyone around you gaping at the visual trainwreck. Someone could have lost and eye. This has been a public service announcement. I am Holy Knitballs and I approve this message.

  • In addition, dancing does not = tossing shoulders side to side demonstrating lack of said "boulder holder". When my husband looks at the both of us with a look of disgust on his face saying "I really didn't need to see that", you know it was bad.
  • There was a rather odd human body pong going on down on the floor, which I was safely processing, rum in hand, from our people-watching perch on the second floor. How does one mosh to Shinedown? Help me here.

  • Rum is good, but there wasn't enough rum in the room. Smell what I'm cookin?
  • We gave my brother-in-law hell from not grabbing us Dropkick Murphy t-shirts when he toured with them this year. We saw a shirt that said "Shamrock n Roll" on the back and we immediately wanted it. We both speculated if it was the Dropkick Murphy's. Out jumps the Blackberry between bands and voila! I want my Dropkick Murphy t-shirt. Nudge nudge wink wink oh dearest brother-in-law blog lurker.

  • Note I am getting old. We knew the set list and jetted out the venue during the last encore song well before the house lights came up. We were out of the parking lot before the Shinedown hit the bridge of the song or folks realized their drinks were empty.
  • Came home and celebrated BIL's birthday at midnight. Long live RUM. There's more rum later in this post. Lots of it.
  • Long live the ROCK FIST!

I had to attend a wedding. So use of the open bar and more people-watching fun was had by all. This time instead of lack of bras, it was a lack of a dancing pole and some decency. *shakes head* I just don't get it. 10 years from now everyone will remember the girl on the dance floor who practically sucked the flask wine with a straw between each song. Reaaaaal classy, let me tell ya. I happen to catch a glance to the dance floor and must have sucked in my cheeks in either disbelief or embarrassment for the girl, and the other girl whom I've known since marrying in caught my glance and proceeded to give me the "I'm watching you, Focker" meet the parents, put two fingers to her eyes, to mine, and back to hers. The whole time she was saying "oh I'm with you girlfriend". Somehow, I made it through that night.

Oh I remember, I also drowned my displeasure in a little fibah. Yes, I am a conformed Koigu lover now. (Thanks Sairy!) This is a lurvely orange color that I have a pattern in mind for upon spotting it. It's something I charted out, so we'll see how that works and get a swatch going to show y'all.

The other one is a little more of my "crush" yarn, Dream in Color Classy. This is the Petal Shower colorway. I've got my eye on using it for the Placed Cable Aran from Interweave.

The next day we had a little birthday gathering for my brother-in-law at our house. We grilled and I experimented with my mixologist skillz. For realz people, I made a mean drink. I found a recipe for something like a "Caribbean pirate" or something like that. My SIL and I are fond of rum when there is a drink involved. (What? Have you not noticed the presence of pirates on this blog?) I decided to make up my own drink and happily dubbed it the angry pirate since it was now reddish-orange.

Here's what I did and notice I give you no measurements, but the ingredients go from highest to least amounts. Bartenders are cringing now. I am one of those "throw it in the pot and see how it tastes" kind of people.

Angry Pirate (a la Holy Knitballs)

Malibu Coconut Rum

Pineapple juice

Banana Liqueur

Blackberry Brandy (a wee bit)

Grenadine for color and sweetness

2, 3, or 7 Maraschino cherries depending on how you roll

There were two pitchers of this potent poteen gone by the end of the night. YUM! These are dangerous.

I did buy this for my BIL before the rum was even a thought though. How funny is this shirt? We have this little joke thing about squirrels and this was a "had to get" as soon as I saw it.

Ok I'm tired now. There was entirely to much people-watching, dance floor trainwreckin', and rum for me this weekend.

Cartman sez,

Oh and with all of the talk of 1983 lately, I've decided to create an 80s meme. Raise your lighter in the air, peg those Z. Cavarrici's, and wave that can of Aqua Net like you don't care. Friday is going to be "80s Hair Friday". Dig out that picture of the garden weasel on the top of your head and your Wham T-shirts! I'll post the meme late Thursday night with my 80s picture of shame. Prepare to play along!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Weekend Recap 3 days too late

Trust me. It's only out of pure laziness and crafty progress of epic proportions that I haven't posted in a few days. I will give you my little crafty update though. I attended another beading class and this time it was for the crystal netted cuff. It uses green crystals, brown crystals, chocolate brown size 8 seed beads, and size 15 green itty bitty glass beads that give it the woven netted look on top. It's not a great picture I know. I am quite happy with the result and the toggle clasp I chose. It's green. Yes, I am aware. Did you expect different? The blog IS green and orange afterall.....just sayin'.
Here is a very blurry close-up. Again, pure laziness.

Here is the shocker for the weekend though. I finished a sock and immediately cast on for the mate! Sock love! Finally, a perfectly fitted sock. I must say, I do love my DPNs, but I am so loving on the magic loop. My stitches are more consistent and I fly along a lot quicker. That is my own assessment of myself though, if you are a DPN fan. I guess I was just getting frustrated with the DPN ballet. I failed miserably at my last pair of socks, the ill-fated Monkeys. They came out more like Wigwams. Remember the slouch socks from the 80's? If I pegged my Z.Cavaricci jeans over my monkey socks with my styling preppy loafers, United Colors of Benetton sweatshirt, Jordache purse, and lace fingerless gloves clutching an AquaNet can, I'd be in business again. Alas those days are over, but I reminisce about being the hippie chick with blonde dreads from the Safety Dance video. A girl can dream, right?
Proud, happy, hole-less gussets! Yeah! Ahem, speaking of Hippie folk, I bet you forgot about this one. It's the Hippy Chic Tunic by Norah Gaughn for Reynolds. I am using Jojoland Melody, doubled, that I purchased in excess about 3 years ago. I just finished the front placket and I'm off to sleeve island now.
I didn't plan the colors or anything, but I was surprised how bright the placket is. I think it kind of makes it stick out a bit, but I guess it will grow on me.
I'm going to go take my sleeves to the island. If you need me, I'll be reliving 1983, frolicking on the beach instead of a field with my prairie skirt being all one-hit wonder-like. Hey, maybe I'll find the East India Trading Company's rum runner stash on the island.........and a certain pirate. *swoon* Do pirates like hippie girls singing about safety dances?

Friday, July 11, 2008

I Shit You Not

My friends, I would not lie about this. Guess who had a sushi roll named after them? You see the Sharon and Roland Roll on there? Yes, folks that would be my husband, Roland and I. (Sorry for the post title. I'm way too excited about this).

We walked into our favorite Japanese fusion restaurant tonight and I thought the owner was going to burst into flames when he saw us. He said we have new specials you really need to look at tonight and there we were in bold print for the entire sushi-eating community in Hamilton to see. He decided to put his best customers on the menu with rolls named in our honor. It is our favorite roll from a restaurant we used to go to where the sushi chef was from originally. He still makes it for us here with a slight variation. The waiters and waitresses all know us and saw the new menu for the first time tonight too. They came right over to our table to see what we thought of it. My parents walked in shortly later and were stunned to see our names when they looked at the specials.

So the idiot that I am was so excited over the menu that I forgot to take a picture of the actual roll. *smacks forehead* Ugh! So the roll is cold lobster salad with rice in a soybean wrapper with a steamed, butterflied shrimp, a sliver of mango, and yummy mango sauce drizzled on top. We are sushi and we are quite tasty. We were very popular in the restaurant tonight, both the human and sushi form.

Things to do before you die:
Go to Ireland - CHECK

Go to North Africa - CHECK

Have a sushi roll named after you - CHECK

Who knew? Now if I can just morph myself into chocolate cake and an umbrella drink, I'd be set.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sharkbait Ooh Ha Ha

So my SIL and I gave me a new nickname tonight based on my latest and greatest drama. Let's just say it kind of bites being a mid-sized fish surrounded by the large, surfer-eating fish. I shall now call myself "Sharkbait". Oooh Ha Ha.
(All photos courtesy of Top Images)
So there are times I feel like this. Note, I am one of the wee fish and not the shark.
I am "Sharkbait". (Oooh Ha Ha)
But I more or less feel like this today... light. must.go.see.the.light......
Oh crud.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Weekend Recap

It was tough going back to work today. I knew I was in for 10 shades of hell by 8 AM. At least I can say it was a fairly relaxing weekend. We had a few things we did and a few minor obligations, but all in all, nice. I got together with some fiber friends for another foray at Woolbearers and some lunch.
I picked up two new books I've had my eyes on, one by Kim Hargreaves and the other by Michelle Rose Orne. Kim's designs are so classy with the clean lines and patterning. It was her designs that first got me to look at Rowan Magazines when I began to dabble with knitting. My love for her designs has continued and I am happy she is still designing. I noticed a major void in the Rowan magazines after she left and prior to her announcement of her own company. I have my eye on quite a few of these. I'll try to get some pics later. The printer is skitzing out at the moment.

Following the February Lady Sweater finished this weekend, I turned my attention back to my neglected mystery shawl. I am so far behind on clues right now. I am finishing clue #3 and still have #4 to do by Saturday. In case you were wondering, I used Clue #1- C, Clue #2-B, and Clue #3- B, which #3 is currently in progress below.
I like how it's coming out so far for a newbie lace knitter. This is my first ever shawl. I feel like I'm knitting with fishing line on a broomstick. The yarn is Schaefer Trenna and the colors are fabulous. My concern is the design is lost in the color changes and the only reason they are clear here is that I pinned them to a white pillowcase and used my flash. I hope it turns out ok.
I was sitting on the couch this weekend trying to locate a mistake in my row and I must have look utterly perplexed. My husband teases that I appear to be in deep concentration. He says, "if this is stressing you out that much, maybe lace isn't for you." I may have grumbled "shut your piehole" under my breath or something of that nature. He may have a point, but I will finish this thing.
I also exchanged some leftover skeins for 2 hanks of Koigu KPPM in a lovely shade of orange. Yes, it's sock yarn. I know what some of you might be thinking. The sweater knitter has come to the dark side. Well maybe, you guys have colorful sock yarn cookies. Even a non-sock knitter can't resist the colors.
And the last good bit of excitement is the discovery of a new neighbor, of the feathered rapture variety. Meet Mr. Red-tailed hawk. He likes to hang in my neighbor's tree where there is a dead branch up pretty high. The light was bad so I wasn't able to get as good of a picture and his feathers are ruffled following the rainstorm that came through earlier.
Either way, Mr. Hawk is big! I could see him around the entire block. He's no little hawk. I'll try to get better pictures later in the week.
Time for bed. I can't stay awake now.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

How low can I sink?

When it takes a television on your elliptical bike tuned to the Food Network and sock knitting to get me to the gym, you know I have fallen way off the weight loss bandwagon.
How pitiful am I?
If you will excuse me, I'm going to go drown my pity in my Pomegranate Chocolate Chip ice cream. I'll save a scoop for ya.
It was a fantastic 4 days off, but more details on that tomorrow. The camera batteries are d.e.a.d. Oh and in sad knitting news, my Wallis top had to be frogged. Why you ask? I apparently can't follow directions and started knitting with the largest needle first instead of the smallest. Gah! I'll get back to it in a bit. Right now, I'm still fixated on wool in July. That's how I roll. I like to live on the edge.

Friday, July 04, 2008

FO- February Lady Sweater

Meet Miss February. She is one of my most favorite sweaters to date in the same category with my Tilted Duster and Drops Swing Jacket. I can't say enough good things about the pattern and the yarn.

Pattern: February Lady Sweater by Pam Wynne of Flintknits
Yarn: 3.5 hanks Dream in Color Classy- Happy Forest
Needles: Size 8 and 10 addis
Started: 6/14/08
Finished: 7/3/08
Recipient: Me
Mods: used Kfb instead of M1 for the raglan increases. It's only a preference thing for me, but all of the increase methods of seen used on this sweater look very nice.

The photos are all courtesy of my super SIL, Tammy, who was working her butt off on the front landscaping of her house, to take a short break and help me get some photos for you today.
Here's a really nice close-up of the lace detail. The lace is called the "Gull Stitch Lace" pattern.
If this sweater looks vaguely familiar to you, it is. Flintknits created an adult version of Elizabeth Zimmerman's February Baby Sweater, but in her words, "to fit a grown-ass woman". True dat.
Blocking this sweater was a nail biting experience for me last night. I was so afraid that I had stretched this sucker too big. I wanted to block it slightly longer, but I thought maybe I overdid it when I was drying it last night. Another thing is I was a little upset about the wooden buttons. After the sweater was blocked, I realized the cherry wood colored stain on the buttons was rubbing right off from being wet. I've used wooden buttons many times before, it's my preference. I never thought I would have to worry about the finish. It's really not that noticeable, except I know it's there. I think I may replace the stained wood buttons with something bigger and with a good polyurethane. Update: I got myself some new buttons.
So you have all heard me gush profusely about my crush on Dream in Color Classy. I suggest you run out and get yourself some. It's a dream. I think I will have to stash some more of this as it will be a staple.

I hope everyone had a nice 4th of July. I'm off to finish my first sock in a really, really long time. *shocker* My bulldog is losing his mind over the fireworks. Time for the doggie-downers to come out. I rarely have to use them except on the 4th of July, New Year's Eve, or a really wicked thunderstorm. Poor dog. Annie doesn't even know what's going on.