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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Un piccolo gelato per favore

A small gelato please...

Soo I am leaving for Europe on Friday. My parents and I (only child) never went on family vacations growing up. A day at Island Beach State Park in NJ or the daytrip to Baltimore Harbor was vacation. So let's say this is pretty huge for them. The last plane they went on was a DC-9 exactly 40 years ago for their honeymoon (yes it's their 40th wedding present and 60th birdays. Yay for the folks!) We have all kinds of fun to experience then don't we? They have yet to experience the airport security fun that was my life for the last 5 years, or the folks that STAND on the moving walkway on the walking side, the clueless meandering about, and Philadelphia baggage claim. Should be interesting no?

So three of my best girlfriends and two set of parents are going out to play in the Italian Riveria and such. We booked Costa Cruises which is supposedly the leading cruise liner of Europe and yep, it's Italian run. (Wonder if there's Gelato onboard?). There is an Irish pub onboard. Go figure. I'll be rrrright at home then.

Day Port Arrive Depart
09/02 Sun. Civitavecchia/Rome (Italy)
09/03 Mon. Savona (Italy)
09/04 Tue. Barcelona (Spain)
09/05 Wed. Palma De Mallorca (Spain)
09/06 Thu. Tunis (Tunisia)
09/07 Fri. La Valletta (Malta)
09/08 Sat. Palermo (Sicily)
09/09 Sun. Civitavecchia/Rome (Italy)

Out of all the stops mom is most excited about the Vatican, Dad likes the thought of a tapas tour in Spain, and me...well I am pretty enamored with Tunisia. I love the Arabic music, food, the history, and the belly dancing or oriental. Now there is a little known fact about me. I am a Middle Eastern, Indian, and north African dance enthusiast and practioner. (Some of you know I speak some Punjabi and Hindi too). I've been studying the dance aspect for a few years now and I love it. I also like that there are woman of all sizes well-respected in the field.

So wish us luck, send out the good juujuus for good travel, and I promise I will provide the photo sharing. Maybe, although I doubt I'll have time, I will have some good yarn prOn to share. :-P

So Arrividerci, Adios, Ma as-salaamah, Narga naghrak and Ciao Bella!

Burket OUT.


At 9:25 PM, Blogger Bobbi said...

I'm super jealous! that looks like sooo much fun! Can't wait to see pictures!


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